Saturday, April 10, 2010


One day there he was this beautiful man! He came into my life purely by chance a friend of a friend had lost her phone she neede to get hold of him, so she used my phone one day he called back and so it started!

For two months I spoke to this man, we laughed we connected eventually I was tricked by friends into meeting him. ( insecurity is a horrible thing) We ended up talking till the sun came up and so began the first of my life changing journies!!!!!

I believe people come into our lives for a reason however big or small. Steven's reason in my life was not small by any measure. This part of my life and where I am now is an account of how life can bring you 360 degrees and put you in a completely different place to where you started, but through it all, it equip's you for what's to come through the choices we make, the actions we take and it prepares you to handle all the demands and all the things you never expected could or would happen.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Naughties

My Life has been many things from a young age but I will start this on going story from when I was 18 years old. It was everything you would expect it to be at that age exciting, and adventure I was a will full vibrant girl searching for who she was a place to fit in the world! A field that would complete me!


I found it, it was all around me all the time always looking right back at me. The world and everyone and everything in it! And so I started doing many things, a writting class, a bit of history, painting, and then I found it ! capturing single beautiful moments, that may last for just that a single moment, but with photgraphy a moment in time captured forever!



Shiny Applez cont.

Just because I have this sense of coming together it is by no means a declaration of my life being easy! That I no longer face challenges ( I am absolutely positive there are so many more to come) It doesn't mean I want to sit and watch as life is passing NO NO NO!!! I welcome the challenges I want my dreams to bring me strength. My voyage has only just begun it has brought me back to Africa, a place where I have always found hope, passion and love. A place where making a difference is life changing.

Everything here requires commitment, dedication, passion and hard work but if you teach people to dream you give them hope. I have clarity and goals as I lay the foundation of my dreams. I will try to build concepts that will not only change me but change others. The skills I have that I thought wer useless have in fact found a place and I have found a new purpose beyond being who everyone expects me to be! ( I am good at that, beng what others want and need) I have within me the strength to reach higher, go further with the only intention being to touch, change and inrich the lives of others!

Positivity is a word stronger than I ever kenw. But hope for me is the greatest word ever. Even when you have nothing hope will give you strength.

Take risks that you believe in and find the journey your dreams can take you on! If I look at my personal life experiance, at the small and huge choices at the massive riskes and life altering changes I have made, Would I change them NEVER EVER EVER !

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shiny Applez

Eventually you get to a point where you decide you need to put everything down in writting. Prehaps for yourself or maybe for you and the difference or change you might be in someone elses life!!!!


Where I share my thoughts on life, work, projects, people, sanity, insanity and in the middle of it all some randomness.

Aside from the usual mad tales of life, from a young age I loved pretty pretty things. I had to grow up quicker than I should have I have indeed done things in my life good and bad. After years of questioning why I went through what I did and many of the choices I made I am now reflectin on the things that got me to this point.

I have been called many things - A dreamer - I am grateful to dare to dream - A artist - I am gratful to find beauty - A optimist - I am now grateful to find hope in everything.

And everytime I think I have found myself at my lowest moment I am grateful that through all these moments and experiences I am now able to value my successes. I see the influencing periods of my existence and the pieces seem to be falling into place! Life has come together and is shomehow starting to make sense even though some days seem like maddening chaos!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sometimes is it best to keep your mouth shut ???

Having been working in an enviroment for the last few months that causes me to be with my colleagues most of the time has now made me realize that sometime it is not best to keep your mouth shut, but in other cases the best thing to do is to close that big yapper and take it with a pinch of salt.

People are not what they seem, even the good ones everyone has picadillo's and the best thing to do is to work on perfecting your own.

After all silence as they say is golden!!!