Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shiny Applez cont.

Just because I have this sense of coming together it is by no means a declaration of my life being easy! That I no longer face challenges ( I am absolutely positive there are so many more to come) It doesn't mean I want to sit and watch as life is passing NO NO NO!!! I welcome the challenges I want my dreams to bring me strength. My voyage has only just begun it has brought me back to Africa, a place where I have always found hope, passion and love. A place where making a difference is life changing.

Everything here requires commitment, dedication, passion and hard work but if you teach people to dream you give them hope. I have clarity and goals as I lay the foundation of my dreams. I will try to build concepts that will not only change me but change others. The skills I have that I thought wer useless have in fact found a place and I have found a new purpose beyond being who everyone expects me to be! ( I am good at that, beng what others want and need) I have within me the strength to reach higher, go further with the only intention being to touch, change and inrich the lives of others!

Positivity is a word stronger than I ever kenw. But hope for me is the greatest word ever. Even when you have nothing hope will give you strength.

Take risks that you believe in and find the journey your dreams can take you on! If I look at my personal life experiance, at the small and huge choices at the massive riskes and life altering changes I have made, Would I change them NEVER EVER EVER !

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