Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shiny Applez

Eventually you get to a point where you decide you need to put everything down in writting. Prehaps for yourself or maybe for you and the difference or change you might be in someone elses life!!!!


Where I share my thoughts on life, work, projects, people, sanity, insanity and in the middle of it all some randomness.

Aside from the usual mad tales of life, from a young age I loved pretty pretty things. I had to grow up quicker than I should have I have indeed done things in my life good and bad. After years of questioning why I went through what I did and many of the choices I made I am now reflectin on the things that got me to this point.

I have been called many things - A dreamer - I am grateful to dare to dream - A artist - I am gratful to find beauty - A optimist - I am now grateful to find hope in everything.

And everytime I think I have found myself at my lowest moment I am grateful that through all these moments and experiences I am now able to value my successes. I see the influencing periods of my existence and the pieces seem to be falling into place! Life has come together and is shomehow starting to make sense even though some days seem like maddening chaos!!

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